Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Stupid, stupid me

So I said last night that I had finally finished my blog assignment about emerging technologies, I was feeling good about it, I gave myself a break from homework to knit, I did eventually finish my other homework.

BUT - I just realized this morning that even though I had finished posting the assignment on my blog I had completely forgotten to submit it online, and now I'm feeling stupid and crappy.
Luckily I'm under the 24 hour cut-off period, but still the penalty for late submission is 50% and that's a lot of marks - hence the feeling really crappy about it, because I did finish it under the deadline, I just completely forgot about the submitting part.
I do understand the penalty and the need for it, it was explained and written in the assignment, I just feel incredibly dumb.

But hey, at least I remembered this morning, any marks I may get are better than none at all.

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