Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Weekend at Sick Kids Celebrity Bonspiel

Don't have time to do a full blog post about this weekend right now, so will instead post the letter I just sent to all my awesome sponsors (surpassed my fundraising goal & will have a higher one for next year!) and some pictures from the weekend! (picture of the skips by Anil Mungal, remainder mine)  Huge thanks also go out to the organizing committee, Jeff, Pete & Kevin, and the corporate sponsors who made this event possible, especially Capital One for this event & all you do for curling!

Hi all!

I wanted to send you all huge thanks for being my sponsors in the Celebrity Bonspiel for Sick Kids this weekend. It was an amazing time and such a great event. The overall event ended up raising more than $100,000 (before the silent auction started which also did well) which is $25,000 more than they raised last year so thank you all for your generous donations!

Our Celebrity Skips for the weekend - from Canada and across the globe!
(Photo by Anil Mungal)

I was placed on a team with Heather Smith-Dacey (the skip from the Nova Scotia team which has been at the Scottie’s for the last 2 years) and got to play against Silvana Tirinzoni (skip of the Swiss National team), Crystal Webster (skip of Team Alberta at 2011 Scotties and beat out in Alberta semi-finals by team Nedohin this year) and Teri Lake (lead for Smith-Dacey’s team). Our team had a great time playing and missed out on the playoffs by less than 2 points.

Ryan Fry watching Sara Carlsson's game vs Rachel Homan

Throughout the weekend it was a lot of fun to sit and chat with all the curlers, the amateurs and the “celebrities”, all sitting around having conversations you would find at any curling club after a game. It was also really interesting to watch the celebrity skips on the other draws and get to see them play up close.

Glenn Howard vs Alison Kreviazuk
The Brier Tankard also made an appearance
  Saturday night was a banquet and dance and a chance to find out just how hard the celebrity curlers can party (just as well as they can curl!) & I had a great time partying and dancing with Alison Kreviazuk (who knew me from Twitter), Rachel Homan, Kaitlyn Lawes, Tracey Horgan, Eve Muirhead, Heath McCormick and a host of other young curlers.

Me & my skip for the weekend, Heather Smith-Dacey
So thank you again so much for the support, it means a lot to be able to give back to such a great cause!!