Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Snow, Snow, Snow!

Well, tis that time of year again when we tend to get a bit buried in snow. We saw our first actual snow on Sunday (only a little bit) and then temperatures dived to -20 C and lower on Monday, the wind was especially brutal. But you know what? It was sunny out and I came to realize I really enjoy winter like that. As long as you're bundled well and you aren't standing around outside, weather like that is nice. The snow on ground is so cold it squeaks when you walk on it and the sun is out, which is quite rare for this time of year when it sets at 4:11 pm, and is most often behind clouds.

Yesterday it warmed up to about -10 C and started snowing in earnest though, and really made me wish I had gone out to buy groceries over the weekend. By last night we had about 10-15cm of snow on the ground and the weather report was predicting it would go up to +7 C and rain today (which can I just say - gross). But that didn't happen, and isn't going to, it warmed up enough over night that we apparently got a lot of freezing rain though the night, and now it's snowing again - I haven't been outside yet, but something tells me it's going to be slippery!
At least the freezing rain made all the trees pretty, with a layer of ice on everything. This is the picture I woke up to this morning

Lots of knitting going on here, mostly stress-related, I've got two exams in the next two days and I just handed in a 10-page paper yesterday. I'll try to get on here again soon and post actual knitting content!
Happy winter all!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We Will Remember Them

November 11th - As you go about your day today, please take a moment to remember, remember those who have given their lives and those whose lives have been affected by conflict. And take a moment to be thankful for the freedom we have now thanks to the people who fought in these conflicts.

Act of Remembrance

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning

We will remember them.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I guess it hasn't been that long since my last post, relatively. I don't exactly remember when that was, so I'll catch up with you later, right now I just want to show you these awesome mittens!!

They are the Galileo mittens by Laura Chau (Ravelry link, here they are on her blog). When I first saw them on her blog I immediately wanted to start making them. I don't normally feel like that about too many projects, and especially not mittens, so when the pattern came out on Friday I bought it and headed out the the yarn store on Saturday. I ended up with Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Merino in the Java colourway for the main colour and O-wool 2-ply in a mint green for the contrast.
And now I just want to keep knitting on them! It did take me a while to get gauge, I just started on one mitten and then decided I wanted to try different needles, so I just treated that mitten as a swatch and as practice and when I was happy I ripped it back and started over. I really can't wait to wear these!

*Something I learned while trying to photograph this mitt, it's very awkward trying to take a picture of your own hand...

The winter wear knitting enthusiam could have something to do with the fact that it snowed here for the first time last week and got chilly. But it has warmed up this week, crazy-like, in fact right now it's 16*C out!

Monday, September 29, 2008

It's Been Awhile...

Sorry about that! I did survive exams, yay! But posting was a bit difficult over the summer, between working full-time and having dial-up internet at home. So I'll try and get caught up a bit and try to update again soon. (P.S. - if the weird music is bothering you, scroll down a few posts and mute the "Horton Hears a Who" widget, hopefully in a few more posts that won't show up on the front page anymore)


Well, I did finish Jaden over the summer. Since you last saw it I realized that my row gauge was way off and ended up having to rip back large amounts to make sure the sleeves weren't 4" too long and that the neckline didn't fall below my boobs. I had a really tough time after I had finished to actually get the crocheted neckline as nice as I wanted it, and I definitely didn't sew in the ends very quickly. But it did get finished, and I quite like it. So far it's been cool enough a couple days to wear it this fall.

I also finished my Forest Canopy Shawl the second time I started it. I probably could have done more repeats because I ended up with yarn left over and it's a bit small. But it's a nice enough size to just throw over my shoulders while I'm sitting at the computer and getting cold, so it's nice.

Socks, Socks and more Socks
Socks were pretty much all I knit over the summer, and I didn't knit all that many, I've started a pair for Mom, and have one sock finished. I'm also doing a pair using Grumperina's helix striping method to use up some of my leftovers, and I like how they're turning out.

I've also started a February Lady Sweater (yes I jumped aboard that bandwagon...). I wasn't sure how much I would like the style so I'm knitting up a test sweater in Red Heart Soft Touch, instead of dropping $60+ on yarn. So far I really like it, and depending on how much I wear it I could see knitting another with some really yummy yarn, and maybe a different stitch pattern.

There have been a few other projects over the last few months, including a Diamond Fantasy Shawl for my Nana who is starting chemo today. If you're interested check out my projects page on Ravelry here (if you're not on Ravelry yet, go check it out now - really!)

I actually haven't done a lot of baking so far this semester. I've been pretty stressed out with a few of my courses and especially advanced Japanese seems to come with a ton of homework. But I did just buy a new cookbook - Small-Batch Baking - which basically has baking recipes to make for 1-2 people, so hopefully I will find some inspiration there and there will be baking to show you soon!

Getting all caught up has been great! I've been a bit out of it for the last few days, Saturday evening the guy in the apartment next to mine managed to light his kitchen on fire so there was quite a lot of excitement there... and not of the good kind. Luckily there isn't any damage to my apartment and the smoke smell has mostly cleared out of my place and my lungs - the hall is a different story though. Luckily I knew where my fire extinguisher was - do you know where yours is and how to use it? Please think about it and be fire safe!

Till next time!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Exams, Exams and more exams!!!

Hey everyone! Again I am so sorry for the lack of posting, I really don't think I'm cut out to be a blogger, I've never been successful in keeping a journal, but I'm going to continue with the occasional post, because sometimes you just need to say things.

I haven't had much time to post either as the semester is coming to an end quickly. Classes ended last Friday, so there was a massive pile of end of term assignments and group work (which I am now positive I hate!) and quizzes and such. Exam period started on Monday, and I had the worst exam schedule, I had two yesterday and one this morning, so it has been a hellish weekend/2 days, but hey at least the majority of my exams are over now and I'm still alive. Sure my eyes hurt from all the reading, but I only have 2 more exams next week and I will be finished with 2nd year! Oh my goodness!

Knitting-wise I have had a grand case of startitis which is usually the case when I get stressed out, however I think I overdid it as in the last couple weeks my wrists have been hurting and now I have an elbow twinge when I knit, so I'm trying to lay off the knitting, but I got started and a few things finished, so I have lots to show!!

Secret of the Stole II - I don't think I posted about this at all while I was doing it but even starting late and getting delayed through mid-terms I did finish on-time, and it paid off! I won the grand prize for completion, 1 kg of cashmere yarns from Colourmart (who by the way I definitely recommend, very fast shipping!), pictures will come, I've just been too busy.
But here is my finished stole. I love it, it was my first lace project, and I really enjoyed making, I love the colour, and it's so warm, I can really see it coming in handy for summer and cold AC places. Cheryl07_183_2_1_1
If you like the stole, the pattern is now available on Nautical Knitter's website, here, she's awesome so please support her by buying the pattern, there are two options for the pattern, one with the arch in the middle, and one just a straight stole. I've heard that SOTSiii is going to be starting sometime around the end of summer, so if you're interested stay tuned to Nautical Knitter's website for details!

My Cabled Cardigan - I did it! I finished my first cardigan, and my first improvised design sweater!! It was my first button band, and I have to say, I am so glad I was lucky enough to only have to do it once (I've probably jinxed myself now for my next sweater, darn!) since there were 408 stitches in one row of the button band, that's too many with the weight of a whole sweater attached. But the finished product is great, it's a nice casual wear sweater for breezier spring days. The sleeves are a bit long, but I've just folded up a cuff for now. Also I was thinking of doing pockets, but then realized I'm completely out of yarn! Seriously, this worked out so well, I only have a few metres of yarn left! knit0413a

Jaden (from Knitty Spring 08) - I really like this top, and so I started it even though I should have been studying. I started the back on Friday and finished it on Sunday, I think this is what really brought on the elbow pain because it's knitting up really tight. So I don't think I'll start the front until after exams. My gauge is also off because I'm using a worsted weight cotton (Elann Endless Summer Connemara - discontinued) so I'm knitting the XS, it's kind of turning out in a S size, but I'm adding some extra length just to make sure, and also because short shirts annoy me. knit0425

Forest Canopy Shawl - I bought the pattern awhile ago, and didn't really want a worsted weight shawl, just a light shawl to wear on top of jeans casually, so recently on Ravelry I noticed that a few people had made it out of Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Merino. I love this sock yarn, seriously, love! My LYS just happened to be having a sock yarn sale, so I came home with 2 new skeins (I'm hoping my parents won't notice the amount of yarn in the apartment when they come to help me move home for the summer, there have been a few LYS trips where I have ended up with more than I intended/really needed...). I started it off in Spanish Moss, but didn't like how the pattern was coming out in it, plus it didn't seem very forest-y too me, so that first start is just sitting, I'll frog it later, I think I might want to try the Diamond Fantasy shawl in that yarn. But I did restart the Forest Canopy in Green Mountain Madness, which is a nice mix of greens, blues, teals, and blacks, and seems to be working out well, no pictures right now though, sorry.

Spring has also sprung in Montreal!! Finally!! We had a taste of it last week, but then it snowed over the weekend, which was gross and so not good for our mental sanity, but it's 20C out today and spring looks like it might stay this time, so yay!

Sorry for the drought of posts and then a huge one, I won't make any promises about when I'll be back to post again, but hopefully it will be soon, so see you then!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Horton Hears a Who

This is neat! Kind of weird, but it's Dr.Seuss! I've really liked the story of Horton Hears a Who since I saw Seussical the Musical, and I'm interested to see the movie, but I don't think I'll go see it in theatres.

Sorry about the lack of posts. I'll try for an update on what I've been knitting and such!

Ok, so it's kind of weird and annoying - you can turn the music off though! Also hit the reset button and it shows you what it really looks like.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

You know you're Canadian when...

... you're relieved it's warming up enough to snow. That seems to be the case today where it's now above -10C and snowing, although we did only get two really cold days, and the windchill never dipped below -30C, so it could have been worse.

My parents visiting this weekend went surprising well, although they were here for such a short time I think that really helped. Took them up Mont-Royal to see the view and go skating, and then went wandering around Old Montreal and saw the light show at Notre-Dame Basilica which was really worth it. It was a good thing they didn't have too much time on Sunday because that's when the temperature really dropped.

Anyways, I'm starting to realize that I should really get my act together and start studying and doing readings for classes, although my sweater is coming along nicely and holding most of my attention.
I saw this on And She Knits too!, one of the blogs I read regularly and wanted some distraction this morning, so went and did this myself. I think some of the wrong answers may have been because this was an American quiz, and I'm Canadian, but maybe I'm just making excuses, it doesn't tell you what you got wrong, but nice results!
You paid attention during 80% of high school!

68-84% Pretty good, you know that there are libraries and newspapers, and you remember what you've read. You were a child that wasn't left behind!

Do you deserve your high school diploma?
Create a Quiz

Friday, January 18, 2008

What a close one...

Ok, so it's Friday, yay, and the weekend and all that, but I'm a bit stressed because my parents are coming up to visit for the weekend with some friends. They're not staying here (there's no way they would all fit in my very small student, studio apartment), but it's stressful none the less, this is the first time they will have seen my place, so I spent most of today cleaning. Then just to add to the stress I accidentally threw my ring in the garbage, and didn't realize it until after I had taken the garbage out. That was a fun 20 mins of running between my apartment and the garbage room in the basement trying to figure out where it might have fallen off, and was so relieved when I did find it.
Anyways, that's about how my day has gone. Not much knitting to report as of late, mostly just knitting on a sock in class. I did start a new pair of socks with the Tofutsies I received in the Holiday Tea Swap, they're going to the Monkeys, but from the toe up, so the pattern will be upside down, because frankly I'm too lazy to try and reverse it.

I did get a picture of my progress on the cardigan I'm trying to create. So far so good, although I can see multiple problems upcoming with connecting the sleeves, the hood, and the button band. The fronts ended up a lot skinnier than I thought they would, so I'm hoping a very wide button band will make up the difference. I wanted big buttons to start with, so hopefully this is a good thing. I'm thinking of attaching the sleeves in the way you would with a raglan sweater, just because I've done that before, but I'll deal with that once I get there. I still have to do the entire back, and it will be 2x2 ribbing, so I can see some project boredom kicking in there.
I am also signed up for Secret of the Stole ii, but still awaiting yarn (long story short, DHL is stupid!) so can't start yet, even though the first hint has come out. Hopefully I can get my yarn early next week and catch up so I won't be too far behind, although I can see this taking major time away from the sweater, hmm...

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I'm Angora!

Sorry I've been more than slightly absent lately. Before Christmas it was exams and then there was Christmas where I was at home with dial-up and now I'm back at school and things are kind of crazy.
Just thought I'd share this with anyone who is out there reading! This quiz is fun to try and very short!
I found out I'm Angora!
Angora – Soft and warm
“Angora has a warmth that rivals cashmere and softness that rivals qiviut. Best of all, it comes from cute little bunnies that look for all the world like furry footstools with ears.” –The Knitter’s Book of Yarn

Angoras are eager to please and are highly sensitive. Flexibility and adaptability are your strengths and sometimes your weakness, as well. You are essentially a warm and feeling person, and little escapes your impressionable mind. You are generous with others and strive for harmony in your relationships.

Some other things that are keeping me busy lately
- Ravelry - oh my goodness, such a wealth of information, pictures, wisdom, sympathy, and an awesome community of knitters
- School - of course! 4 new classes, one continuing very intense Japanese class, 4 very expensive textbooks to buy, ugh!
- Pedometer - is an awesome initiative by the Ontario government to try and get people active, not to say that it's having much impact, but you know. I found out about it when I got a pedometer for Christmas and I've been wearing it and tracking my steps since I got back to school last week. So far I average about 7,300 steps/day which is making me feel better about never making it to the gym (I know, I know, I still need to do that...)
- A new Sweater - I saw a knit sweater at Winner's over the holidays and wasn't sold on the colour so couldn't justify buying it, but it's turning out to be a good knit for the cotton from Magasin de Fibre LB that I had earlier, so we'll see how my first try at designing/copying the design of something and my first cardigan goes. I'll try to put up pictures soon, promise.