Monday, October 22, 2007

Ravelry! Uh Oh....

Ok, so not only should I not be anywhere near a computer, I have been checking the Ravelry list excitedly today, because usually check on Mondays, just to see where I am and I started the morning with around 400 people in front of me, and now there are 96(96!!!!!). This is not good. Not only have I been spending WAY too much time knitting on the blanket.

There is also a 4th square done which I finished on my commute to help coach Special Olympic Curling yesterday. I know, they aren't really square, but I'm hoping a really good blocking will help fix that, otherwise Gwen will just have a slightly non-geometrical blanket.
Ok, I really need to study now (presentation and 3 midterms over the next week - wish me luck!) - hopefully I will be able to resist ravelry for at least a little bit.
Oh - and to make matters a little bit worse (for the studying anyways) my landlord says he finally has my new stove and hopes to get it installed sometime this week, Yay!
I will leave you with a beautiful fall scene I took in while hiking up Mount Royal on Saturday...

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