Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hello World!

So, I'm new to the whole wide world of blogging - and kind of intimidated if I may say so, there are so many bloggers and great blogs out there that I read and lurk around, but have always put off actually starting my own blog. Reason #1 would seem to be that I don't feel that I have a great talent for writing, or writing creatively enough to keep anyone's interest for long. Also, until recently when I moved away to school, internet access speed was painfully slow due to living in the country on dial-up.
But having moved out into the world of high-speed, I feel more inclined to start typing. That and one of my profs has assigned us a project that we must post on our blogs - so when I start into talking about new emerging business technology, bear with me, this will pass and feel free to completely skip over those posts.

Now time for random subject changes as I introduce what I think I'll be posting about and why. Yay for the random-ness!

Knitting - I just started about a year ago and I am completely in love, completely obessed. I soon went from being a starting knitter, to being mostly a sock knitter and I love how easy and mindless and how hard and frustrating it can be, often interchangeably from one moment to the next. I am just about to start my first sweater and am hoping to share my experience with you other knitters out there.

Baking - Baking is the one thing in life I could maybe see myself doing in the future, which is somewhat problematic, seeing as I'm studying business and Japanese, and my parents have no idea about this desire. I especially love baking bread and how you do all this work and wait, but at the end it's all worth it because you have this amazing smell in your apartment and this beautiful loaf staring back at you.

My Life - As I said, I'm at university studying business and Japanese, and I'm not quite sure where that's heading, but I'm excited to find out. Anyways, right now I have to be headed off to class, because I'm late, so thanks for finding me and reading this far, hopefully I'll be talking to you later!

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