Friday, September 21, 2007

Baking is on hold...

Among other things. I tried my oven for the first time over the weekend, and it heats up but then doesn't stay hot - so after a week of trying to chase my landlord I finally caught up with him, he says he's called the company and they should call him back sometime next week, but they're going in prioity sequence - and apparently my oven is not a prioity. Oh well, we'll see how cookies bake up in the toaster oven - could be a fun experiment.
The scrolls socks from last post are also on hold - I've decided to work with my other skien of Lorna's Laces, to see if I can get two ankle socks out of one skien - and then we'll see what happens with the scrolls sock.

Too tired to come up with anymore right now, but I'll try to post again over the weekend - really hoping my yarn for the Wheat-ear Cable Yolk sweater comes in today so that I can start soon (very excited!!)

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