Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I'm Angora!

Sorry I've been more than slightly absent lately. Before Christmas it was exams and then there was Christmas where I was at home with dial-up and now I'm back at school and things are kind of crazy.
Just thought I'd share this with anyone who is out there reading! This quiz is fun to try and very short!
I found out I'm Angora!
Angora – Soft and warm
“Angora has a warmth that rivals cashmere and softness that rivals qiviut. Best of all, it comes from cute little bunnies that look for all the world like furry footstools with ears.” –The Knitter’s Book of Yarn

Angoras are eager to please and are highly sensitive. Flexibility and adaptability are your strengths and sometimes your weakness, as well. You are essentially a warm and feeling person, and little escapes your impressionable mind. You are generous with others and strive for harmony in your relationships.

Some other things that are keeping me busy lately
- Ravelry - oh my goodness, such a wealth of information, pictures, wisdom, sympathy, and an awesome community of knitters
- School - of course! 4 new classes, one continuing very intense Japanese class, 4 very expensive textbooks to buy, ugh!
- Pedometer - is an awesome initiative by the Ontario government to try and get people active, not to say that it's having much impact, but you know. I found out about it when I got a pedometer for Christmas and I've been wearing it and tracking my steps since I got back to school last week. So far I average about 7,300 steps/day which is making me feel better about never making it to the gym (I know, I know, I still need to do that...)
- A new Sweater - I saw a knit sweater at Winner's over the holidays and wasn't sold on the colour so couldn't justify buying it, but it's turning out to be a good knit for the cotton from Magasin de Fibre LB that I had earlier, so we'll see how my first try at designing/copying the design of something and my first cardigan goes. I'll try to put up pictures soon, promise.

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