Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Getting Close... the Ravelympics / Knitting Olympics cast-on!! I'm so excited to start working on my Freyja sweater!!

I'm getting excited, also antsy, because I finished my latest big project on Saturday (more about that below) and bought enough yarn for a new sweater project at Ariadne Knits' knit night last Thursday, so I'm really itching to cast on!

I have been swatching though - enough to know that my gauge is off my 1/2 a st (drat, drat, drat) and I don't know anymore exactly what my colour combination is going to be. Here's a picture of my different combinations, I'm leaning towards the one on the right for now, the light blue just seems to pop too much for me I think.


Also I’ve been trying to decide whether to add a hem to the bottom with the interfacing in another colour (the darker green in this picture) or to stick with the seed stitch border which I like the look of… I don’t know what to do, but I’ll have to figure it out by Friday since this sweater starts at the bottom!

So you may not know, but last week was the Scotties' Tournament of Hearts in Canada, the women's national curling championship, and I spent a lot of time watching over the week, either over curlcast's live feed (which was new & awesome, thanks curlcast! It sometimes also had sound which made it even more fun!) and over TSN's video on demand which was posted after each draw had been over, so I usually knew how the game would go, but still worth watching. And most of the time I was watching I knit (when not doing homework or eating) and at the end of the week I cast off, making this my Scotties' project!


It's the Fern Fitted Shell, and though it had a few false starts (one all the way up to the underbust!) I did finish it and I'm very happy with it! It looks great as a tank or over top of a collared shirt so I could wear it in more business-y contexts, which is great. The only thing I'm slightly regretting is the yarn I made it with. I used Coolspun Cotton, which made this a really cheap project, but it's a dishcloth cotton and I foresee it getting really worn fairly quickly so I'm delaying blocking it but I should just dive in.

Anyways, I should head off to get ahead on homework so I'll be able to focus on the Ravelympics starting Friday!

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FlauschiOhren said...

Wow that looks amazing! I love the pale blue and the pattern.